About Inuuvunga Designs

Inuuvunga Designs started from a desire to dress up all family members with Inuit imprints. The brand took roots back in 2016 when Kuujjuamiuk Dawn Forrest was looking for apparel featuring Inuit culture for her toddlers. A proud and engaged Inuk, she decided to order a few hats and tees online for her children. Then, she ordered more articles for her relatives and her friends to a point where it became a full-time job at Tivi Galleries.

 All products feature unique and thoughtful drawings inspired by the Inuit way of life. Designs are created in a spirit of inclusiveness, pride, identity, community belonging and modernity. The designs reflect the Inuit culture, the day to day life in the North, traditional tools as well as other elements of nature.

 Inuuvunga offers a variety of clothing and accessories for women and men, from babies to adults. Products include baby onesies, hoodies, long sleeves, t-shirts, beanies, caps, canvas bags, mugs, wine and beer glasses, sunglasses, etc.

Available at Tivi Galleries (Kuujjuaq), stores in Nunavut (Ivalu, Uqqumiut and Mallikkat), tradeshows and congresses around the Canadian arctic, Inuuvunga products are made for every proud individual who loves life, enjoys outdoors, supports Inuit traditions, or is simply looking for adding a little touch of uniqueness to his/her style.