Word from the Designer

ᐊᐃ! Hi! Bonjour!

ᓇᑯᕐᒦᒃ , thank you and merci for being curious and interested to learn more about Inuuvunga Designs.

I was far from realizing in 2016 that the creation of few different mug designs for Tivi Galleries and personalized clothing for my children, Qalingu, Natalia and Isaiah, would become a real business. With all my energy, passion and ideas, I embarked in an exciting, yet challenging adventure as a businesswoman and designer. Three years later, I finally launched my website, an important and long-awaiting step that will allow me to be closer to my customers.

Inuuvunga is part of a movement in keeping our culture strong. It gives a sense of life by being positive, resilient and moving forward as indigenous people. I believe as the second youngest generation of Inuit (my children being the youngest generation let’s say!), we can all feel connected to the brand in some way or another. We are deeply proud and thankful of our ancestors, our parents and our traditions for carving our identity, while we are in pursuit of finding the right balance with the modern society we live in.

Let’s be proud of our identity no matter where we are from, the fluidity of the language we can speak or write and the whiteness or darkness of our skin. We are all human, alive and resilient.

This whole story is now a dream come true. I’ll forever be grateful for all those who have supported me to make it happen, especially you for buying and proudly wearing and using my creations. I also have to acknowledge all the tremendous support at all levels from my close family members.

All that to say, you are all welcome to wear my designs, and it’s always a pleasure to see you at the store, in the plane or on the land posing with my creations. And thank you for supporting our beautiful culture!




ᑖᓐ Dawn